Chocolate Heaven in Boston

We sometimes take Fat Friday road trips, and this was by far the best ever. We've already decided to make an annual pilgrimage here, assuming we can wait a whole year between trips. What is this magical place, you ask? It was the Chocolate Buffet at The Langham Hotel in Boston. This was 100% worth the not-insignificant fee to attend. Ok, maybe we didn't eat $45 worth of chocolate, but so what?! This is all about the experience of going to this place and being able to taste all of these amazing chocolaty specialty items. Also, going with a friend or a group means you can all grab different things and share so that you can sample even more! We fully intended to try everything there, but we didn't manage it. All the more reason to go back!

We took quite a few pictures of all the amazing food. I mean, how can you not? JUST LOOK AT IT. The staff were kind enough to let Katrina go in and take pictures before it was opened to diners.

There was an ice cream bar with all these toppings available - one of the things we didn't manage to try.

This was a custom-made crepe bar!

Chocolate soup (basically hot cocoa) and apple cider

They have a DONUT WALL. Not only that, but they will custom make any donut you want. Reason enough to visit, right there.

Our first round sample plates! Everything was phenomenal. Also, they have unlimited coffee. We want to just live here.

Second round!

Did we mention that this trip was in honor of Katrina's birthday! A waiter delivered her this special plate with even more treats!

They even had a few savory items, which was brilliant. We love chocolate, but it was great to have something not sweet to balance it all out.

There's a chocolate fountain!

If you're like us and enjoy food road trips, this is a must. You can visit their website for more info:

And you can check out this video we found online, courtesty of Phantom Gourmet, that made us ultra-excited to go:

If you do make the trip, make your reservations in advance! Seatings were sold out when we were there, and people were turned away at the door who had not reserved seats ahead. Trust us, this trip is well worth it. Plus, Boston is full of fun things to do and see, so you can easily fill the rest of your day. Maybe not with food, though, since you'll probably be stuffed full of chocolate!

Look how happy we are! You, too, can feel this euphoria when you make the trek for all-you-can-eat chocolate.

After the chocolate buffet we walked around Boston for about 6 hours and burned off all the chocolate calories. Win-win, right? Exhausting but fun day!


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