Chocolate Moose Road Trip

Meet Lenny! Lenny is the world's largest chocolate moose, and we can now cross him off our food road trip bucket list. This guy is constructed of 1,700 pounds of chocolate! And he's standing in a pool of white chocolate. Pretty impressive, right? If you visit Len Libby Candy & Chocolates in Scarborough, Maine, you can see this awesome sight for yourself. And score some delicious chocolate to take home with you.

We thought about trying to sneak bites, but Lenny was created in 1997, and 21-year-old chocolate might not be so delicious. Plus, they might have kicked us out before we could have bought our fancy chocolates to go.

Not only does this shop feature Lenny, but they also have solid chocolate bears! This is the momma bear.

And her babies!

Here we are, dutifully not eating the chocolate moose. Just using him for our photo op.

Katrina showing off our spoils!

These are amazing! It was so hard to choose what to buy, they have a fantastic selection of treats. And this chocolate is DELICIOUS. Not only did this come with the caramels, which we tried not to devour all in one sitting, but it came with chocolate seashells. So much chocolate goodness! Make the trek and try these for yourself!


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